Mergers &

How we serve our clients

Acquiring a new business or merging with a new partner can be challenging for any business. At Bayan, we offer bespoke solutions to manage your personal M&A needs. Our team of experts can help take you through the entire process, from developing framework, transaction scouting, identifying potential target, raising funding, initiating preliminary discussions, performing due diligence to transaction conclusion and post-acquisition / merger integration.

Market Research & Analysis

Define your M&A objectives, develop guidelines and criteria for selecting potential targets, define associated risks and develop acquisition process and authorities.

Identify potential merger and acquisition opportunities by conducting market research, analyzing industry trends and identifying potential targets.

Expert analysis of the value of a company or an asset, by assessing financial performance, market conditions, and other relevant factors to inform strategic decision-making.

A comprehensive approach for assessing potential risks and liabilities associated with mergers and acquisitions by conducting a thorough review of financial, legal and operational records.

Raise capital through various sources by analyzing financial needs, identifying potential investors, developing investment strategies and managing the investment process.

Develop integration plans, identify synergies and cultural differences, manage stakeholder communication and ensure a smooth transition to support the integration of newly merged companies.